It's easy! Try these tips at home...


  • Feed suitable food scraps to chooks or dog.

  • Buy in bulk to save money and avoid packaging.

  • Think: do I really need it?

  • Say no to single-use everything! No more plastic spoons, cups, plates, bags or bottles.

  • Shop local growers markets.

  • If you must buy disposable, buy compostable items like cotton-buds, tissues, paper plates, cutlery

  • Make your own cleaners, or support suppliers that offer refills.


  • Start a worm farm or compost to keep green waste out of landfill.

  • Use reusable bags.

  • Take your own containers to the deli section of participating supermarkets. Use a post-it note for the price sticker to make cleaning easy

  • Slow down and dine in, or BYO coffee cup and takeaway containers.

  • Use reusable drink bottles.


  • Take your recycling to one of our transfer stations.

  • Choose products with recyclable, reusable or biodegradable packaging.

  • Setup a recycling bin at your school, marae, sports club or church.


  • Repurpose containers.

  • Recover Upholstery.

  • Refurbish machinery.

  • Buy second hand.

  • Repair clothing and shoes

  • Upcycle


  • Treat water as precious

  • Fix Leaking Taps.

  • Have shorter showers (aim for 5-10 minutes.)

  • If water tank is low use bath / shower water to water the garden, or soak laundry.


  • Water garden early or late in the day.

  • Apply mulch with wet newspaper and bark / grass clippings after a thorough watering to retain soil moisture.

  • Use drip irrigation rather than difused spray.

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