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Business Programme

The Ka Pai Kaipara and Ka Pai Kiwi Business programme includes a site visit and a waste audit, a waste reduction plan, and a follow-up visit to measure waste reduction outcomes. Recipients of the service also receive certification for their waste reduction.

The cost for two visits, the waste reduction plan and a Ka Pai Business Certificate is $392.00 + GST ($450 incl).

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Launches August 2018

Business Tips

Three top waste tips for your business

1. Business waste reduction begins with selecting suppliers that provide goods in recyclable or compostable materials.

2. Separation of waste is key. Assign an area for recycling: You need bins for each type of waste - plastic, glass, metal (including steel cans), bottle caps etc; aluminium cans and foil, all types of paper and cardboard, compostables and perhaps a chook bucket.

3. Customers really do notice recycling measures and green initiatives. They vote with their feet as well as their wallets.

Plus check out these guides created especially for New Zealand business for extra tips and tricks to start your business on the path to Zero Waste

Recycling Guide

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